Side Competitions

Most rounds feature "side comps" with extra prizes such as NFT cards, MM tokens, or Moon Bases. In the spirit of increasing accessibility across the board, ranging from the Mintopolists to the Free to play members within the community (including everyone that lands somewhere in between) — we’ve discussed at length a change in the rules surrounding the side competitions. These are the current regulations surrounding side competition prizes and they are subject to change:


  • Increased difficulty/more skill-based competitions, not relying as much on card count.

  • Modifying the existing reward tiers to balance them further. 1-4 / 5-8 / 9+ Including a new F2P tier introduced with a separate reward (Promo or less)

  • You cannot win the same competition type more than once.

Difficulty - First off we feel that the side competitions are meant to be a difficult undertaking — similar to how it is difficult to place #1 and be the top of the leaderboard to become the next Mintopolist/Moontopolist. With this in mind, we’re going to work on creating new side comps that are more challenging and require more skill to compete and not rely on how many cards you may or may not have.

Reward Tiers - We’ve discussed the purpose of the tiers for the side comps and have come to the conclusion that the lowest tier was not meant as a way for F2P members to have a place to earn cards. The reason for the lower level was to ensure that those who do have 1-3 cards were not left out when competing with players who hold more. After adding that category we realized the middle section was in the same boat, unable to compete against the ones with more and disqualified from the less cards. So a 3rd tier was created in the middle. Going forward, we've modified the category requirements in order to ensure a more even balance. The tier ranges will be split evenly: 1-4 / 5-8 / 9+ As an incentive for the F2P members we’ll add a 4th tier for those who have 0 Mintopoly NFTs — only promo cards are allowed. The winner of this category will receive 2,500 of a random moon resource to be added to their account.

Once Per Type - Just as there is a limit to winning Mintopolist/Moontopolist only once, we’ve concluded that side competitions should hold that same standard. We’re going to implement a restriction to prevent players from winning the same competition more than once. For example, if you previously won a “Closest to 100k” you would be ineligible for winning that particular side competition type when we run it again in the future. These will be retroactive and previous winnings will count as we move forward.

Our hope is that these present a fair and more balanced approach to how side competitions are handled and allow for everyone an equal opportunity to fight for the win. Since this is a lot to summarize on the reward graphic each week, the additional requirements will not be displayed, but will reference this. Feel free to send me some feedback, I am always open to hearing your thoughts!

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