The Moon Exchange allows players to buy and sell resources in a free and open marketplace.

Listing, Trading, Purchasing

Any player who owns both a moon visa (see Quickstart) and at least one Moon Base can list their resource for sale and set their own prices. Note that once resources are listed, they are removed from the seller’s storage and cannot be spent. However, if a listing is deleted or replaced, resources will be returned.

In addition, all resources are backed by the on-chain Mintopoly Money cryptocurrency, allowing any available resource to be bought directly with the tokens. This requires the tokens to be transferred on-chain (Polygon) and upon confirmation, the resources are transferred.

NOTE: You can acquire Mintopoly Money tokens on a Decentralized Crypto Exchange. There is a liquidity pool available on SushiSwap where you can purchase tokens with WETH or MATIC on Polygon: Buy Mintopoly Money Tokens »


Each purchase of a resource with $MM incurs a 5% surcharge which has several purposes. The majority of these funds are used to recycle tokens back into weekly airdrops via the core simulator game at

In addition, the 50 Mintopolists bases (IDs 1-50) share a 1% royalty on all Resource <> $MM trades, or 20% of the 5% tax – paid as a monthly airdrop each full moon. NOTE: those who own BOTH a Mintopolist base and a Mintopolist card earn a double share of this Mintopolist tax.

Banker Cards

The "Wall St. Banker" class of NFT Mintopoly Cards have special functionality on the moon. They help facilitate exchange trades to earn passive resources! Owners can apply their bankers onto any resource and split a 5% daily commission on all of the trades between that resource and $MM. For example, if 20 players have applied a banker card on the Water <> $MM pairing and 100,000 water was purchased with $MM today, each owner would receive 250 water as a commission [100,000 water sold x 5% commission / 20 bankers]. Note that these resources are generated in-game as a small inflationary measure, they are not deducted from the buyer or seller.

Stuck Purchases

The vast majority of transactions on Polygon confirm quickly. However, if a purchase does become stuck on the blockchain and fails confirm in a timely manner, there is a specific protocol that is followed:

  1. If a purchase has not confirmed for 24 hours, the buyer is sent an email notification that they must promptly speed up or cancel their transaction. This can be done directly in MetaMask or whichever browser wallet was used.

  2. If the purchase has been pending for 48 hours, the purchase is cancelled on the exchange and the resources are returned to the seller. Note that at this point, there is still a risk that the transaction will confirm and the buyer will lose their MM tokens but not receive the resources. This is why it is imperative for the buyer to cancel the transaction.

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