NFT Moon Bases

The heart of the Mintopoly Moon are the bases. These hexagonal plots of land can be minted as NFTs on Polygon (contract: 0x2e7975fb8b9344fac82e19db239ad9e668b3eeb7) and owned by players. Each one is zoned in one of nine ways, which determines the type of resource it generates. Plots are claimed and minted exclusively with in-game resources!

Claiming and Minting

Any player can stake their claim on an unowned plot of land and work their way towards minting this base as an NFT that will continuously earn resources. This is a 4-step process:

  1. Obtain a Permit. In order to stake a claim to an unowned plot, you first need to purchase a permit. Each plot requires one permit, and these can be purchased from your account page with any type of resource you choose.

  2. Claim. Use the map to find an unowned (transparent gray) plot of land that you would like to claim and click on it. Then, stake your claim. As the claimer, you can choose its zone (which type of resource it generates). Claims cost a certain amount of "infrastructure" resources.

  3. Fund. Once a plot is claimed, you have 30 days to finish funding this base with a required bundle of resources, which varies by zone type.

  4. Mint. When your claim is funded, it gets sent to the game admin for review and whitelist. Usually within 24 hours, your address will be whitelisted to mint this base as an NFT on Polygon! You’ll get an email with further instructions. Once minted, you have permanent ownership of this plot.


Bases generate resources but they must be harvested! When a plot is ready for harvest (typically every few hours on a set schedule), any player can harvest it by visiting the plot and clicking the harvest button. The harvester and the owner share a split of the plot’s yield (i.e. 25% to the harvester, 75% to the owner).

Crucially, owners cannot immediately harvest their own bases. This allows others who may not yet own land to participate in the economy and build towards their own land. It also allows the owners to earn passive resources. If a base remains unharvested for a longer period of time, the owner may then harvest it themselves.

NFT Mintopoly Cards

The existing collection of NFT Mintopoly cards play a crucial role on the moon – they multiply the earnings of your base’s harvest yield! From your account page, you can apply any owned Mintopoly cards onto your base for several times the yield on each harvest. However, each zone type can only accept the card to which it is paired, such as liquidity pool cards on the water extractor (see chart below for pairings).

Input Resources

Each zone type consumes a smaller amount of an "input" resource (see chart below) each time it is harvested. Owners must regularly refill their base with these input resources from their account page. If empty, the base cannot be harvested. To start, bases can only hold several harvests worth of input resources, but expanding storage is a planned upgrade.


As our lunar economy becomes more established, we plan on introducing base upgrades that can be purchased with in-game resources. These may include increasing harvest yields, re-zoning, increasing input resource storage, and more. The exciting part is that these upgrades will be pushed to the NFT metadata – increasing the value of the NFT itself!

Zone Types & Values

ZoneResource YieldInput RequiredCard Pairing




coderPunk + Dapp


Moon Bricks


Miner Upgrade




Systems Admin

Power Plant



Flash Loan

Water Extractor


Moon Bricks

Liquidity Pool




Yield Farm)




Crystal Ball




NFT Artwork




Celeb. Evangelist

Mintopolist *

$MM Tokens (variable)


Mintopolist (required)

* Mintopolist plots were awarded to all 50 Mintopolist card holders. They split a monthly airdrop of the exchange surcharge (see Exchange section for details).

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