ETH to Polygon Program

Mintopoly Money is an Ethereum-based token. That makes it highly secure and flexible, but it also means that gas fees are prohibitively high for most transactions. To address this, last fall we created a layer 2 token on the Polygon network to enable secure, decentralized, lightning-fast transactions that cost a fraction of a cent – all while retaining access to the root Ethereum tokens. We have been using the Polygon-based tokens exclusively for nearly a year now.

However, the initial several airdrops (4-5 million tokens) were done on ETH and we've initiated a program where you can convert your ETH MM to Polygon MM without having to use the bridge and pay significant gas fees. If you would like to make this conversion, follow these steps

  1. Send us an email through our contact form or DM on discord letting us know 1) your eth address and your intention to send the tokens

  2. Send in your ETH-based MM to the Community Manager Wallet: 0xA1e6aF9979ddB7494261b1D05B2dB19b9fF48A08

  3. We will send you back (on Polygon) the amount sent plus 10% as an incentive to move all the tokens to Polygon.

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