Resources are the in-game items that are generated by each base on a regular schedule. They come in numerous varieties (Silver, Moon Bricks, Infrastructure, Electricity, Water, Crops, Magic, Culture, and Influence).

These 9 resources form the basis of this lunar economy, with numerous current and planned uses that fit into the following categories:

Land Purchases. Unlike most NFTs, the Mintopoly Moon bases can be claimed and minted exclusively with these in-game resources. See "Claiming and Minting" section under NFT Moon Bases for details.

Games. As our lunar economy becomes more established, we plan on introducing various games and competitions where players can invest or wager resources in order to gain valuable upgrades and content.

Account Upgrades. Resources can be spent on items that upgrade your account, such as a permanent visa that gives you full access to the moon’s exchange and land ownership. Additional account upgrades are likely to be made available in the future.

Land Upgrades. One of the first planned uses of resources are base upgrades. These may include everything from efficiency and storage improvements to customization and advertising options.

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