NFT Mintopoly Cards

Mintopoly Cards are Ethereum-based NFTs (ERC1155 tokens) at the heart of Mintopoly. Each card provides numerous benefits for its owner - and we are continuously working to increase the cards' value and utility.

In the simulator game, cards increase earnings or decrease the cost of a certain investment, provide extra starting capital, provide extra earnings per block, or boost total net worth. Plus, the cards reduce the cost of unlocking the investment tier they represent by 25% (35% for founder's cards) – providing crucial early access to these higher-level investments.

On the moon, cards can be applied onto a plot of land to multiply its resource generation – as well as providing special benefits like early access to testing new features.

Cards are being minted in small editions of 20-30, but written into the smart contract are constraints that guarantee two facts: i) no card can have an edition size greater than 30 (other than #1 – Mintopolist – which has 50) and ii there can never be more than 12,000 of these base Mintopoly! cards minted in total – making them scarce and collectible.

Purchasing Mintopoly Cards

There are currently two ways to purchase Mintopoly Cards – 1) the Mintopoly Cards on OpenSea has a number of first and third-party cards for sale. 2) the "vending machine" allows you to connect with our smart contract to instantly receive individual cards or packs of cards.

Using the vending machine has a number of advantages: 1) gas fees are significantly cheaper, 2) prices are typically lowest and fully support development of the game, and 3) pack purchases have a 1% chance per card of receiving a very rare and powerful founder's edition card.

Key Facts of Mintopoly! Cards:

  • There are 12 types of cards and each one provides a different type of boost (see all below)

  • Players can only have one card of each type active in any given round.

  • If you own more than one of any card of a type, the game will automatically activate the most valuable one before you begin playing.

  • In order for a card to apply to a given round, they must be owned by your account before you first login to play that round. Cards purchased/added once you have started playing will not apply until the next round.

  • Several "promo" Mintopoly! Cards exist (distinguished by a light grey BG). These are non-NFT, non-tradable cards given to players for special occasions. They typically have smaller bonuses than the true NFT Mintopoly! Cards. NOTE: we recently launched our player achievement program where you can earn more promo cards for completing challenges in game. View your profile to see all available challenges!

Note: for a full directory of all card types and their benefits, please see

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