The Mintopoly Moon, like all things, will develop and grow over time. We have identified the initial "moon phases" that we plan to follow as things develop. In reality, these phases are likely to overlap and develop simultaneously, pending demand.

Note that at each stage, the intention is to maximize the utility of the in-game resources for that particular phase (i.e. using resources for claiming land early on, for base upgrades, to spend on base missions and games).

πŸŒ‘ New Moon - Landrush

Initially, our primary goal is to build the foundational infrastructure that will allow bases to be acquired with resources, and for the resources to be harvested and traded by all settlers. This successful initial landrush period will form the foundation of all that is to come on the moon.

πŸŒ’ Waxing Crescent - Lunar Airdrops

As we launch the first rockets to the moon, we intend to begin immediately rewarding and engaging base owners with an exclusive airdrop on the full moon of every lunar cycle – something new and different every month – in exchange for completing certain challenges.

πŸŒ“ Quarter Moon - Base Upgrades

Once the settlement begins to fill in (several thousand bases up and running), our first development project will likely be to provide base upgrades. These will be items that can be purchased with a specific type of in-game resource in order to permanently improve that base – increasing storage size, providing more efficiency for better yields, and more. Notably, these will also upgrade the NFT metadata itself so that the value will transfer if sold.

πŸŒ”Waxing Gibbous – Base Monetization

With bases requiring manual harvesting 6+ times per day, this creates advertising opportunities on every base. Currently, we are exploring a base upgrade that allows owners to install a visual "billboard" on their property. With this, owners may be able to display advertising of their own, or rent space through a centralized network in order to generate revenue.

πŸŒ• Full Moon – Games

With a thriving lunar colony and most (if not all) plots claimed, we expect to give land owners the opportunity to engage in deeply-integrated games that involve the entire economy – land, resources, and friendly (or rival) base owners, with opportunities to invest or wager game resources strategically for a chance to earn. Additionally, we expect to more deeply integrate the current blockchain simulator game into the moon to further align all aspects of the Mintoverse.

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