Welcome to Mintopoly

Mintopoly is a crypto-based universe (a Mintoverse!) with several games, a thriving community, NFT Mintopoly Cards, and its own token ($MM) distributed throughout the community.
Currently, the two primary hubs in the Mintoverse are:
Blockchain Simulator Game – Now running for over 1 year, the Blockchain Simulator game is a weekly, gobal competition to earn as much crypto as possible on our simulated blockchain. Top players with the highest "net worth" earn token airdrops, NFT cards, and more.
The Mintopoly Moon – To create a central hub for the Mintoverse, mintopoly is going to the moon. Literally! Mintopoly Moon is a lunar colonly with 7,000 NFT bases that players can purchase with $MM tokens which generate 9 types of in-game resources that can ultimatley be used for base upgrades, games, and much more.
If you're new, we strongly recomment you Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.
Last modified 1yr ago